Asa: Lawrenc leh Lhingboi

Pasal: Theilou singkhuol vanglah ah, solbang ka hei a, ngainou na vang kang ngai, lunglai ah thamzing e. ka lunglai hing kuai.

Nun in nuam e, tua melkimu, ka lunglai ah um teng hing sut vang e, ken nang hing ngai ing; sannem ka sannem ngai, tun tong hing dawng in.

Singkhuol vanglah ah bang lung na gel ei ngai, na lunglai a um teng zezum tuol koi inlen tun tong hing dawng in, Sannem ka sannem ngai, please tong hing dawng in.

Numei: Leel ngam lou a kuulphum, lia liang ka selung gel, tun hing leel pan tang e ka lunglai a um teng. Ken jong hing ngai ing sannem ka sannem ngai. Tun tong hing dawng in.

Nun in nuam e, tua mel kimu ka lunglai a um teng hing sut vang e, Ken nang hing ngai ing,ken jong nang hing ngai ing, Sannem ka sannem ngai, tuntong hing nuam e. Sannem ka sannem ngai


About this blog This site was started as the result of one bored Diwali afternoon in Delhi on October 26, 2011. I thank all the visitors of this blog for their encouragement. This blog has been regularly clocking more than 20 visits daily ( best being 30 visits a day). I take this opportunity to thank all my visitors and I assure you all that I will try to live up to your expectations in our song. Please give your suggestions so that I may be able to improve this blog, which is a labour of love for me. I thank all my readers for patronising this blog and encouraging me by their visits, comments, and farmaishes. This site is dedicated to the Zou lyrics in area like song of praise, song of patriotism and song of love. I tend to work on lyrics from songs of currently airing and from old that I really like. All lyrics and songs on this site come from the audio version itself and from old song book like leenlai late etc. Sometimes the singer sings more words or repeats stanzas, but the additional lyrics don’t show up in the CD booklet. Since I prefer following the CD booklet’s lyrics faithfully, usually anything not written in the booklet won’t be posted. Your comments are welcome. Or you may email me at
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