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About this blog This site was started as the result of one bored Diwali afternoon in Delhi on October 26, 2011. I thank all the visitors of this blog for their encouragement. This blog has been regularly clocking more than 20 visits daily ( best being 30 visits a day). I take this opportunity to thank all my visitors and I assure you all that I will try to live up to your expectations in our song. Please give your suggestions so that I may be able to improve this blog, which is a labour of love for me. I thank all my readers for patronising this blog and encouraging me by their visits, comments, and farmaishes. This site is dedicated to the Zou lyrics in area like song of praise, song of patriotism and song of love. I tend to work on lyrics from songs of currently airing and from old that I really like. All lyrics and songs on this site come from the audio version itself and from old song book like leenlai late etc. Sometimes the singer sings more words or repeats stanzas, but the additional lyrics don’t show up in the CD booklet. Since I prefer following the CD booklet’s lyrics faithfully, usually anything not written in the booklet won’t be posted. Your comments are welcome. Or you may email me at


Asa: Lawrenc leh Lhingboi Pasal: Theilou singkhuol vanglah ah, solbang ka hei a, ngainou na vang kang ngai, lunglai ah thamzing e. ka lunglai hing kuai. Nun in nuam e, tua melkimu, ka lunglai ah um teng hing sut vang … Continue reading

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Asa: R. k. Manlun   Aphuo: R. K. Manlun         Album: Lei dii Niang Yo! Yo! Yo! Senchil apat a vangngai lienu aw. I hun mualliam sa te , maimit a lang jing e; nuichiem lel a tong i kumlai nite. Mang … Continue reading

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Asa: TTlal Meel a muchiil duang kuoi lienu; na khol ta div en, houlung kumnuam ven. Dachieng lah solbang tulta va chin, tang lunglai va bang hing phong sah chie..e… Koi sieng ah anglai naubang ka tai diei maw…. Simthu … Continue reading

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Asa:                                                                    Aphuo: Na leenggam hing tung ta hen………. Mang Jesu hing ittna lian in kidang seng sang mikhial kei din ahing si, ata khial a vahvai sa ahing itt seng man in hamsa na tampi thuah zou in calvary a … Continue reading

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Asa: Muan taks,                                                          Aphua: Thangmuanlal Duangjen etlowm nu aw, na heina tat na a, muchin lunglai thamden ngai melhoi; nangbang a et lowm ding um sih va simlei a, sing dang ang a tul din hing phal sing e ngai … Continue reading

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Tui bang gawm ding kinem leng

Album: Lawmthang aw.                                                    Asa: Lawrence & Hatbawi. Tui bang gawm ding kinem leng, tuun leh zua laizom ten ngai sum bang nual ei tan lel lou. Sum bang nual na sang deudeu le, ngai kang itt na sang deudeu, lungmuang … Continue reading

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Album: Lawmthang Aw,                                                             Asa: Lawrence Heeehehehe…hahahaha..heehehehe..lala.. Khattang tut thim ka kholna lung zuang in ei jou e, ngai in bang chian lou in a lengdang sang paibang pomta Ngai gimsi la kei duang a mualtum tai bang nam den e, … Continue reading

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Album: Ka Pu Saipu,                                     Asa: T.T. Lal Ka tunnu vondei nau bang ei hem jong, kalai naubang ka bang thei lou, sannem kei juang nem ding hing leng aw, pomlai. Kei ka juang man, kei ka juang seng man, kei … Continue reading

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Album: Lawmthang aw,                                                           Asa: Lawrence Zou Ngai ken ittna simthu ka hing leel teng pomthei lou ding maw, sing dang phungpha na sang ta jong in ngai ei hil chien in aw, bang tan vei hai bang nei ngah sah … Continue reading

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